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Pool/Snooker Trophies

Contemporary Pool Plaques And Snooker Trophies. Trophies & Gifts has an excellent selection of contemporary bronze and glass awards. What makes our selection of pool and snooker trophies unique, is that we offer sport-specific awards. In this case, your trophy will feature a pool cue, 8 ball, rack, or other relevant game pieces—all of course in an eye-catching design. It’s Not The Cue—It’s You Celebrate your team’s success, with an award that will last a lifetime. From modern and stylish glass awards, to bronze trophies of a variety of styles and designs. As always, we offer free engraving to define the purpose of each award—or so that you can add the name of each recipient. Order Your Pool And Snooker Trophies Today! With 12 designs to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect award or gift for your upcoming tournament or awards ceremony. Order your pool or snooker awards today—and they will be shipped or delivered within 3 to 5 business days. *Delivery restrictions apply. Don’t Forget—all of the trophies, gifts, and personalized products at Trophies & Gifts can be shipped internationally! Browse through our latest selection of pool and snooker awards now!